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Bravado Ballet Bare Nursing Bra

Bravado Ballet Bare Nursing Bra

Bravado Ballet Bare Nursing Bra

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Are you searching for a nursing bra that is more casual and ideal for long days at home? If so, then how about the bare Bravado Ballet nursing bra. We think it really is incredibly comfortable!

What makes it so comfortable? It is crafted form Petal-Soft fabric and also has modal-lined cups. It will give you light support and is perfect for lounging and sleeping.

Most of our nursing bras are drop-cup....but this one is different! It has pull-away full breast access. It also has a pull-on styling...it really is very casual.

This is also one of our “flexible sizing” nursing bras. This means that it comes in four sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large). So, rather than picking, for example, 32D, you might pick a Small size. This means it is much easier to get the right size, first time It also means that, as your body changes and your milk comes in and out, the bra should still fit you really well. Not sure which is the best size to pick? Please see the table below.

What makes this nursing bra such a good choice? Well, if you want a nursing bra that is super-comfortable and perfect for long days at home...this is a great choice. It is also really easy to get the right size.

Material 78% nylon, 22% spandex/elastane
Lining 95% modal, 5% spandex/elastane