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Carriwell Black Soft Touch Cotton Washable Breast Pads Code 129

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On average, a nursing mum will use 3000 disposable pads if she feeds her baby for 12 months. Not only is this really expensive, it is bad news for the environment. Why not help both and invest in a set of these Carriwell Black Soft Touch Cotton Washable Breast Pads?

So why are they so special? These washable breast pads from Carriwell have four breathable layers, each with a different characteristic. The part of the pad which touches your skin is 100% unbleached cotton, and, unlike some disposable breast pads, will not disintegrate or stick to your skin. The second layer is specifically designed to promote the movement of air and absorb as much liquid as possible. The third layer is waterproof, and helps protect you against unexpected leaks. The fourth and final layer is also cotton, but with these Black breast pads, it is dyed black so that they donít show through a dark-coloured bra or clothes.

How comfortable are these breast pads? Well, they are slim and mould comfortably to accommodate your changing breasts. They have no darts or stitches across the pad, so they should not irritate your sensitive skin. It is important to change your breast pads regularly, as the sugar content in milk crystallises and causes sore and cracked nipples. These Black Soft Touch Cotton Washable Breast Pads are machine washable at 30 degrees, and are a perfect fit for the Carriwell range of bras. And if you donít want black, these breast pads are also available in white, or a luxurious silk design. For details of how to buy these breast pads please see the links below.

So why do we like these Carriwell Black Soft Touch Cotton Washable Breast Pads? They save you money and are environmentally friendly too! Their layered design should help you to feel secure, and they are a perfect fit for Carriwell bras. And with 6 pads in each pack, youíll have a wash, wear and spare set!