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Elle Macpherson Pearl La Mere Maternity Bra


Elle Macpherson Pearl La Mere Maternity Bra

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Are you looking for a nursing bra to make you feel feminine? We think that this might be your answer! Made of beautiful lace, this pearl La Mere bra from Elle Macpherson is made of soft material which can change to suit you, with a cotton lining in the cups to protect your sensitive skin.

So how does it look? This bra is made almost entirely from stretchy lace! The cups are made of lace covering an opaque lining, and the sides and back of this bra are made from a delicate lace. There is a bow between the cups and even the straps have lacy detailing on them! The plunge front and narrow straps mean that you can wear it under more revealing clothes.

And the practical side? The cups have a soft cotton lining so that the lace does not irritate your sensitive skin. With the lace A-frame, you should feel supported even when you feed. There are one-handed maternity clips on the straps, so you can hold your baby in one hand whilst opening your bra with the other. We know how hard it can be to hold a wriggling baby at the best of times!

This bra has plenty of opportunity to be flexible in the fit; with six hook and eye fastenings on the back, and adjustable straps, you can change it to suit you. Donít forget that the lace itself also has a slight stretch! However, as Elle Macpherson Intimates are usually a little smaller than most brands, you may want to consider buying the next size up. And as the material is stretchy, we would suggest that it may not provide enough support for bigger-busted mums.

This bra can be worn during your pregnancy or after the birth of your baby. To keep your Elle Macpherson La Mere bra in the best condition, we would recommend hand washing it. And if pearl is not your colour, why not look at the jet black version? Please follow the links below to see it.

We all know how important it is to find a maternity bra that has all the practical aspects you need during this important time. So why do we like this pearl La Mere bra? Because it combines those essential features with the gorgeous lacy design.