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About Nursing Bra Shop

Started in a spare bedroom in 2007, the Nursing Bra Shop was born (if that is the right word!) from an idea to offer nursing bras to new mums from the comfort of their own home. We never thought we would still be here more than 15 years later.

Of course, since then, there have been many changes, including the advent of smartphones. We have also faced strong competition from internet giants (we won't name them....just think large South American rivers...). But, whilst we are still a small company, we try to offer good advice and aim to offer the largest range of nursing bras in the UK.

Many people have never heard of us....but we have been selling nursing bras since 2007. So how do you know we are a genuine company? We would STRONGLY urge you to ask any online mums groups you may be part of if anyone has used us..and what the experience was like. For example, if you are in any breastfeeding groups on Facebook or Mumsnet etc - simply ask the question! Don't take our word for it....ask the question and see what some of our previous customers say...

The Nursing Bra Shop is owned by Keflavik Limited. A small family business, we aim to provide the largest range of nursing bras in the UK and hold stocks our two warehouses in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. We are now the leading online nursing bra supplier in the UK and have strong links with our suppliers who include Bravado, Anita Maternity, Royce Lingerie and HotMilk, who are based in New Zealand.

Unlike most shops, we have stocks of thousands of nursing bras and most orders are shipped out the same day that the order is placed. Our large stock levels allow us to fulfil orders extremely quickly and we have a no quibbles 120 day returns policy meaning that you are not under pressure to get your items back to the post office when you have more important things to think about (such as giving birth or feeding your baby)!

Our story....

We often get asked how did we end up specialising in nursing bras? With a small (but growing!) family, we found the getting hold of nice breastfeeding bras was quite tricky! Getting to the shops whilst heavily pregnant was not at all enjoyable.....and the choice was really poor when you did get there.

So...after a slow start we now hold thousands of nursing bras in over 100 sizes. We have a friendly relationships with 9 different suppliers and try to trade as ethically as we can.

Why being a small company helps us....and you

We are proud not to be a big company! We think this means we can take a call from you for advice and offer a friendly and flexible service. We try to get a good rating on Trustpilot and Reviews.co.uk as this helps us to grow sales and makes our job easier.

Why pick one of our bras?

It is not in our interest to recommend poor bras. If you don't like a bra we sell, we lose money as it costs us to send the bra out, but then give a refund. So, it is important to us to try to offer bras we think you are likely to love! We have dropped plenty of bras that customers did not like. We now think we have a good range of nursing bras at low prices that you are likely to be really pleased with.