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Royce Nursing Bra Skin-Coloured 469 Jasmine

£25.49  RRP - £26.00 - Save £0.51
Royce Nursing Bra Skin-Coloured 469 Jasmine

Royce Nursing Bra Skin-Coloured 469 Jasmine

RRP - £26.00 - Save £0.51
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If you are looking for a large cup, supporting skin-coloured breastfeeding bra, how about the Jasmine 469 from Royce Lingerie? This has been one of our most popular bras and goes from an F-cup right up to an L-cup.

Not only will if offer you really good support, it also has some really pretty detailing too. For example, it has an elegant satin and lace trim which we think will help you look and feel really feminine.

Breastfeeding advisers suggest that in your nursing months, you should avoid wearing underwired nursing bras. So, you will be pleased to know that this bra is wire-free, helping to make it a safe choice.

When you come to feed your baby, we think you will love how easy it is to open and close the drop-cups thanks to the “quick clip” style catch. This means that you can hold your baby with one arm, and open the bra with your other free hand - making breastfeeding just that little bit easier.

During your nursing months your size can change quite frequently. So if you choose this bra you will like the fact that it has 4-eye adjustments – helping you to get a comfortable fit. It also has a strap adjuster towards the front of the bra. You can wash the bra at 40 degrees.

So why should you choose this bra? Well, if you want a skin coloured nursing bra, and you are a larger cup size, this could be perfect for you. It should give you really good support, and the fact that it is so popular with our customers suggests that it could be a really good buy.

We want to make sure you know exactly what the bra is like so you are not surprised when it arrives, so here are some quick questions and answers from us studying the bra, out of the packet, in depth.

Is this bra underwired? No

Does this bra have a “modesty panel” that covers the top of your breasts (i.e when the cups are open does it have material to help make it more discreet behind the cups? This is also called an “A-Frame nursing bra”. No

What is the “side sling” like? A straight strip of stretchy material

Is this bra padded? No

Does it have a pre-formed or molded cups? No

How smooth is the material on the OUTSIDE of the bra? Smooth in places, lacy in other places

How stretchy is the fabric on the cups? Not very

Does the bra have removable foam inserts in the cups? No

Would it be suitable as a T-shirt nursing bra? No

Would it be suitable as a Sleep nursing bra? Not really

Does this bra have an option to buy matching briefs? No

Unlike the rest of our Royce nursing bras, the Jasmine 469 Bra sizing works slightly different to most of our bras. Specifically, there are no double cup sizes to this bra. So here is how to pick the right UK size for you...

F cup in Jasmine 469 is F Cup in UK size
G cup in Jasmine 469 is FF Cup in UK size
H cup in Jasmine 469 is G Cup in UK size
J cup in Jasmine 469 is GG Cup in UK size
K cup in Jasmine 469 is H Cup in UK size
L cup in Jasmine 469 is HH Cup in UK size

So, for example, if you would normally wear a 34GG bra in other bras, we suggest you pick an Jasmine 469 in size 34J. This is specific only to this bra and all the other Royce bras have a normal UK sizing system.

We try to rate how thick the cups are of each bra, so you are not surprised by this when the bra turns up! We rate this out of 5, so 1/5 is thin cups, 5 out of 5 is thick. We would rate the thickness of the cups of the cups of this bra as 3 out of 5. Medium thickness.

53% Cotton 44% Polymide 3& Elastane